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Where Does Your Poetry Come From?

Where Does Your Poetry Come From?

Where does your poetry come from? Mine emanates from a place deep inside where I’ve been hurt. It’s like magma below the earth’s crust, boiling and churning and occasionally escaping in fitful bursts.

There were times when I could barely contain the turmoil inside me. I remember when I was younger, I used to get headaches from all the stuff going on inside me and I had no skills to deal with it. No matter what I would do, I couldn’t stop the voices inside me. Over the years, and through a lot of difficult work and self-reflection, I found a more peaceful place where I could enjoy life more.

Poetry has been one of the most wonderful gifts the universe has offered me. It challenges me to work through my stuff and helps me grow as a person. I love being able to express my voice and hopefully add to the beauty in the world in some small way, my way. Where does your poetry come from?


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