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relationship poems

Slide | A Poem by Guy Farmer

It’s not that funny when you’re the object of
Scorn and manipulation, subtly executed.
Stand right here for eighteen years,
I’ll show you what it’s like.

Difficult to make out any one thing let alone
Remember the specific time I failed under its
Growing weight. Slow motion immobilization.

Come now, I’ll tell you more about it.
Let us relive those glory days when,
Big as a mountain, you saw fit to
Slide into the valley silencing all
But your conscience.

Memory | A Poem by Richard Kalfus

Love remains
never lost
though you are gone.

Before me daily
Your image never fails
to warm me.

You call me from a business trip.
You check on the children nightly.
You dig in the garden.
You speak long distance
to parents in another city
who nurtured you
before you came to me.

I am forever grateful.

It was a risk you took,
to share a life with me
whom you loved,
but hardly knew.

Yet you knew
Long before I did.
So very sure you were.
Sure that:
Different cultures
Different language
Different religion
Were powerless

In the face of love.