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Velma | A Poem by Roy Pullam

My princess
Wears no tiara
Has no entourage
But makes my home
A palace
Any conversation
Feels like a royal audience
It takes no camera
To capture
Her tender heart
Her warm smile
The joy
Of her sparkling eyes
She is true
Without pretense
Without complications
And she reigns
In my heart

Hard | A Poem by Rozann Kraus

Why so hard, he asks
his eyes
seeing through my heart
searing into my soul

he looks just like
Dad the
bad parts, with little left
lost and hurting

each drop of sad
echoes so
my ears get stuffed
and bad dreams wake me

tangled and tired
from swimming
against the tide
tied to a past
my health rebuts
refuting all but a
random scar
or two

the kind make up never conceals
compassion may reveal

Long Road | A Poem by Jeanne Fiedler

In tuneful rhetoric
as I watch the
changing wind
I speak to the north,
south, east and west
and follow the path
the direction leads me

Over the scarlet
crimson mountains,
the burnt orange
tree poses and sun
glaring stirs that
wallow in the breeze

The summer ends
We stretched it
out forever and
ever until it
finally stopped and
the seasons grace
us poetically with
glows of sunsets and
luminous leaves,
hurricanes raining
and pushing
until we turn our
case over once
more to the
whistling wind
and the full moons
that bewilder us
into uncertainty

Pronouncements | A Poem by Guy Farmer

I know you’re scared.
I see the discomfort
Contorting your face
When anyone gets close
To exposing who you
Really are: The broken,
Hurt being who never
Had the love he needed
And was forced to pretend
It didn’t matter,
The gentle person who
Gets trampled so many times
That he loses the ability
To feel for himself or others.
I know you have some
Fantasy about a death bed
Scene where you say the
Perfect thing that makes
Everything okay but is
Just another hollow gesture
Meaning very little to
Anyone but you.
Things were never really
As you saw them,
Pronouncements aren’t
Remotely close to compassion.

Poem Beginning with Lines from Eliot | A Poem by Eamon Cooke

Between melting and freezing
The soul’s sap quivers.

At this
The darkest time

I think of ancient lunar engravings
At Knowth, County Meath.

(Looking up they saw in the night sky
Phases of the moon)

I remember meeting Seamus Heaney
At a reading in Dublin

How he inscribed
The title page of his book

“Shine the light”
Sending me home on wings.


Epiphany morning.
A bright day promised.

Twig shadows
On the bedroom wall.

Delayed awhile
In the afternoon

(Small commitments
Mundane tasks)

But managed a walk
Before sunset.

Saw the first snowdrops
Rooks hankering home.