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Erase | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Fail your own children,
But pamper theirs and
Tend to their every need.
A paragon of caring and
Virtue. A smarmy interloper
Peddling love and kindness.
Never acknowledge past
Shortcomings, bask in the
Glow of unconditional regard
From innocents too young to
Realize who you really are.
A second chance to
Pat yourself on the back.
Furtively erase responsibility,
Edit the record.

Juggernaut | A Poem by Ishani Srivastava

The wind picks up grains of sand,
Lets them dance
For a while
And idly watches them fall
To the ground
While greys and dank blues
Flow in the sky.

The sand watches too.

She keeps her shoulder to the wheel
And toils on
Through the unrest
Little regard for those lying, discarded, in her wake
As if they were ants.

The ants toil on too.

None who try
Can stop the Juggernaut.
But if they looked away
Would it choke, shrivel and die?