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I Gathered My Name | A Poem by JD DeHart

Like patchwork, I gathered
my name from
the corners of the earth

I found my secret superhero
identity wrapped up
in a hundred comic books
someone’s grandmother threw

I learned who I was from
history and movies and art
and watching my genes
walk around in other people

I practiced my voice until
I liked the sound of it.

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Travelling Light | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Slender is the night
when you are tightrope walking
the ‘Straight and Narrow’
as a means of escape.
The Past is snapping
at your ankles
as you stuff your pockets deep
with items reserved strictly
for future use.
Memories, photographs,
the jaded parts of yesteryear
are cast swiftly
and (Finally) unemotionally
into the small, cleansing hearth fire.
Which you have lit
to say goodbye to that ‘Old Life’
with the last
brittle pieces of nostalgic kindling.
Then out the door…
you’re moving swiftly…
like a cat
shadow-walking the alley’d evening.
Across the border
of ‘Here’ to ‘There’
into the New Life Chapter
that’s been just waiting
for you to cast your gambling dice
in its ‘New Chance’ direction.

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Your Breadcrumbs… | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Your Breadcrumbs…
Led me nowhere nice
or pleasant…
but, there Is wisdom in this,
for I never walk down
the same dead end, twice.
Once free of your demented,
inane circles
everything levelled out
quite quickly.
You have to tear off
a strip of flesh
from the walls of your soul
every now and again,
to learn ‘Emotions’
strange and bewildering ways.
‘Humble’ is such a dodgy word,
it reeks too much of ‘Meekness’
and neither one
of these false idols
has nor deserves any place
upon Life’s haphazard road
of day to day education.

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Outside the Perimeter of Your Asking | A Poem by Paul Tristram

I sense the honeycomb of your personality,
golden and beautiful, rich in goodness
yet, worry upon worry
crowding and blocking all of that light.
I can feel the Amber inside you vibrate softly,
you have Healing to give…
but are unable to use it upon yourself.
‘Kindness’ behind the ‘Want’
compassion and passion, full to the brim
and merely waiting to be unstopped.
Your life has a jagged course,
no molehills for you, white-knuckled
and desperate fingertip-ledge clinging.
This must be a Test?
each year you are noticeably evolving,
every breakdown leads to you
knitting back together stronger.
Refusing to succumb to bitterness
or lasting anger…
you keep that radiant glow alive safely inside.
Waiting for that climb through the Mountains
to finally become a meadow walk…
and it is at last, time for you
to butterfly magnificently out of that armour.

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Walnut | A Poem by Guanyi Lin (Sandy)

You pondered
Day after day
Knock, knock, knock!
The shell was too hard to break

Down inside the wrinkles of my crust
Someone had engraved
With countless unpleasant traits
Then in a very flipping moment
They turned into my incredible veins
becoming darker and darker

But I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with a squirrel,
I couldn’t even conceal any secrets
Hidden beneath my solid face

Knock, knock, knock!
Came with a loud crack–
Feeble and vulnerable,
My ego, my pride.

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Don’t Bow Down | A Poem by Paul Tristram

No one is above you!
Unless you put them there
or willingly let them
take that crown
right off your own head.
You were born
with every ingredient
to be king of your own day.
sell themselves cheap,
backbones must be earned
not bought.
Let no one put a leash
around your throat…
especially yourself.
Dare to glare
into your own eyes
after each wrong step
you humanly take
along the way.
Learn, adapt, evolve,
focus upon your ‘Nice Side’
instead of battles
necessarily fought.
Have pride unique from arrogance.
You are both
‘The Pauper and the Prince’
of your own amazing soul.
It’s up to you, alone,
which role you will take.

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