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nature poems

Shoveling Snow | A Poem by J.K. Durick

This cold holds us down
Snow this deep must go

And so, we begin again
Again, the plow goes by

Filling our mouth so full
Knee deep again, I bend

To lift all seventy years of
Snow, and one shovel full

Feels the weight of time
Of distances I have been in

Of seasonal jobs I did, I do
The grass is waiting under

This snow lawn, this storm
And this cold holds us out

Here, assigns momentary
Tasks, I’m mending what

Nature has done this time
And promises to do again.

Morning | A Poem by Daniel Miltz

While the morning dozes in handily
The sun paints inciting vegetation
Bit of greenly sward, applauds, snappishly
Moving, moping, in startled asp’ration
Lying in torment, unpretentiously

Wide-eyed land, romps energetically
Iridescent sunrise, floating flightless
Forenoon savors in sparkl’ng veracity
While the world spins in absolute hushness
And rattling in sweet regularity

Gloating tenderly, in edgy touchness
Warming the earth, raindrops, tumble from sky
And cockcrow holds its head high, in closeness
Feathered creatures in day peep, unify
Untamed wild, fills local space, once afresh

Golden Days | A Poem by Roy Pullam

There is a mint
In my front yard
The rich gold
Beneath the sugar maple
I feel wealthy
The beauty
So grand
That passersby
Slow to take
In the sight
It is the blessing
Of fall
When nature
Gives its final gift
Before it
Brings on death
The exposed skeletons
Of the trees
The brown grass
The ghost of wind
Tapping my shoulder
Penetrating me with dread
The chill
Going to my bones
I will pause
Knowing how short
The time
Before they become missiles
Flying in neighbor’s yards
Before I scoop
Them up
Exposing the ground
To the frost
Yet to come

Raindrops | A Poem by Roy Pullam

I do not understand
A raindrop
Its chemistry so precise
Though unique
Yet it has the conformity
Of millions
Kindred element combinations
What coaxes it
From the clouds
The subject of prayers
Both before and after
First reluctant
Then with a rush
Becoming a flood
I can’t fathom
How it can help
So much
Then turn in rage
Carrying hopes and ambitions
It is the nature
Of water
To be
A blessing and a bane
To defy both
My beseeching
And my curse

Storm | A Poem by J.K. Durick

After it blew itself out, the mood lightened
brightened enough like the light rain it left,
we go outside and walk in the gentle rain
it left, a reminder of sorts, now we pick up
the branches and bunches of leaves it left,
tattered pieces left over, things affected but
easy to deal with, like the light rain it left.

Ireland 2007 | A Poem by Roy Pullam

It is as if
God formed the cliffs
With a serrated knife
The uneven cuts
Home for the puffins
Their nests in the recesses
Bald peaks
Inhospitable to man
But a refuge
For animals
His actions have destroyed
From the time
He walked this land
The ocean rolls below
Slamming waves
Against the shore
A great growl
Reminding us
Of its power
Luring us with its crystal
Shimmering glass
Until with force
It reclaims
Its sovereignty
After giving
It takes
A timeless tyrant
Challenging those
Who bravely
Go to sea
I stand
At the ragged edge
Feeling small
Finding my true place
In the vastness
Of the world