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Smile… Again | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Sometimes it is almost impossible.
The Frown you’ve been imprisoned behind
set in stone and Master
to your outlook, cause and thoughts.
The weight which bears your Spirits down,
ridiculous in its crushing immovability
and that sinking, lost feeling reigns supreme.
Start with the ‘Little Things’
they are the real Stepping Stones… leading… the… way.
Momentum will come, slowly yet surely,
like trickling stream into flowing river
and out into swelling ocean at last.
One crack is all that is needed
to let the light and warmth start flooding through.
Your ‘Smile’ is the Doorway,
Rope Ladder and Self Rescue
out of that miserable dark pit
which you have only too humanly fallen into.
It will lead your ‘Baby Steps’ walk
back out and into those Summer Skies of Blue.

Visit Paul at https://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.