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Psychopath | A Poem by Joelle Sarah

It’s not like I know why I do it.
Are you afraid of clowns? Do they make you laugh?
It’s about that time, I can see the clock ticking. It sounds like a faint heartbeat
Spitting on the sidewalk, I can see an ant carrying another
Can they swim? I’m drowning. My mind’s too big, I’m in too deep
Slither of a moustache, sweat beads, salty lips
It’s too hot. Too hot to breathe. Struggling, harsh gasps.
7 minutes it had taken. 7 minutes, tick tock.
Sometimes I stare in the mirror and pull expressions.
It’s so easy for you. Normality.
Is it ADHD? Asperger’s? Learning Difficulties?
Prick and poke and make you bleed. I remember the blue plasters.
I’m not a good boy. Flesh is so soft. Red and soft.
The bus is here.

Emotional Hiatus | A Poem by Paul Tristram

She’s laying upon a sun lounger
within the shadows of the back garden.
Trying to ignore the silly songbirds
singing Springtime lullabies of love.
She’s stopped chewing her fingernails
at last and her Pityriasis Rosea
has receded back and faded,
leaving just a faint daisy chain
of small purple flowers
around her otherwise pale left wrist.
‘It’s nice to be out the other side’ she sighs,
down to only two packs of cigarettes
and still descending all the time.
Now that the ‘Breaking’ has ended
and the ‘Knitting’ and ‘Mending’ started,
she’s finding a different shape
and level of ‘Ache’ to taste each day.

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Brave Enough to Love Again | A Poem by Paul Tristram

‘Wow!’ Where did all of the oranges,
yellows and reds come from?
It’s been greys, blues and greens
for so long now…
I had forgotten that Spring actually exists.
Lopsided, tumbling, skyscraper piles
of ‘Saved for a Special Occasion’ clothes,
it just has to be as perfect as I can alchemize it.
‘First Impressions’ are exactly what the word
‘Everything’ was invented for.
Eight hours and thirty six minutes to go…
and I could simply scream… Again!
Derailed locomotive ‘Heartbeat’
‘Mind’ twirling cartwheels of giddiness
and if I entered my ‘Pulse’
into the Olympic Games
they would have to award me Platinum.
‘Tender yet Sophisticated’
she keeps mantra-ing to herself
as she runs a hot bubble bath
for the fourth time this very morning.
Singing gaily like Doris Day
on day release from the Looney Bin.
She dances theatrically with McArthur the cat
in between sighing and smiling
her dazzling way through the fantastic day.

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Floss Away! | A Poem by G. Louis Heath

Floss your mind with these flossy lines.
Relax, give it a good flossing. Floss the
pre-frontal cortex, home to your best
thoughts and plans. Then briskly do

your hippocampus, to keep your
memories fresh. Dementia is a terrible
thing. Don’t forget to get the dark
corners where the id takes refuge.

Floss away the repression or risk chronic
depression. Floss away! Floss away!
Floss away daily!

Crack-Down Tribunal (Re Jack Straw’s ‘Community Treatment Orders’ for the Mentally Ill) | A Poem by David Russell

Borderline Personality Disorder –
Everybody welcome to the edge!
It’s the cripples’ convocation;
We’re the tin end of the wedge.

Rattling jars of medication cocktails,
Pinballs batted in eternal circles,
Listen to the words of wisdom:
“Do what they tell you; don’t ask questions;
Take what they give you, don’t ask question.”

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!

Ever felt stuck with a discard label,
Shred of we rag in the midnight drizzle?
Hope comes shining through the cracks;
The flames rise high as the hiccups fizzle.

Ever hammered on a DSS perspex panel,
Been head on with some po-faced nerd
Who just can’t cope, so he ups the dosage;
Remember the voices that you heard –

Do you hear voices?
Do you hear voices?

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!

When the hypocritical is hippocratic,
The autocratic gets automatic,
So you’d better get mentally acrobatic
And stuff your heads with anti-static!

It’s the Crack-Down Tribunal;
Of great sorrow be expectant.
Crack-Down Tribunal;
Governmental disinfectant!