Poems and Poetry

Luther Seahand

Summer | A Poem by Luther Seahand

This glorious time of year
grace is in bloom, divine
supple spindles gleam
by golden beam
waltz, waltz June fairies
from dandelion to lofty pine

Off on a stroll above meadows
scented wisps, a tryst, oh my
sandalwood, sweet
fair mulberry treat
swoon, swoon ethereal swans
into the mild, evening light, of July

Stirring for summer’s farewell
frail wonders, tulips, up high
butterflies pair
with delicate flair
steady, steady August delights
primroses await your slumbering sigh

Winter | A Poem by Luther Seahand

Gray is the season that withers
Blossoms dulled by satin frost
How they sadly fall
Cruel chill, it breaks them all
Rest, Rest immortal doves
While winter feigns treasures lost

Crystal brooks still as dusk
Mirror figures warm at heart
Oaks over icy knolls
Sprawling old souls
Flutter, flutter leafless arches
For that single spark of life to start

Blushing through frozen woods
Morning hints at splendor, frail
A starling in the snow
Sleeping on her bough
Wake, wake feathered angel
Sing sweet trills of the nightingale

Spring | A Poem by Luther Seahand

The finest day of spring
Petals dance on sudden gales
Counting everyone
Before the sinking sun
Fly, fly little wings
Like love that never fails

Shadows begin to wake
To a chorus that is the night
Crickets fiddle, slow
Warblers whistle, low
Shine, shine velvet moon
Till last you fade from sight

Hear the sea in song
Where the swallows play and die
Starlight in the haze
Flicker fireflies, ablaze
Stay, stay gentle dream
Beneath the candles in the sky