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The Easy Choice | A Poem by Loneven

What you see is what I allow you to see.
A carefully curated existence.
One that is deceitfully relatable and yet always just out of reach.
You know it. Deep down you know it.
But you ignore it. You choose to ignore what is under the surface.
Ironically, it is the superficial and that draws you in.
What you see is a moment.
Sometimes, as a consequence of its meaninglessness, even less than a moment.
You know there was before. You know there is after.
But you don’t care, do you?
You know the horror of the before.
You know the beauty and bliss of the before.
You know the dread and despair of tomorrow.
You know the promise and hope of tomorrow.
But you don’t care, do you?
You choose instead to lose yourself in the fleeting orgasm of the carefully curated, still I peddle your starved consciousness day in, day out.
I wonder then, between you and me, who is doomed?