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Stamping in Rain Puddles without You | A Poem by Paul Tristram

He can vividly remember so many
of the conversations
which took place
walking these three streets
over to the shops and back again.
Sometimes he would simply listen
intently or distractedly
to the house sparrow chatter
flying musically from her mouth
and punching pretty holes in the sky
around her smiling face.
But that was another time…
a ‘Yesterday’ now tangibly dissolved
into sigh-inducing memory.
Although when he closes his eyes
and quiets his yearning mind
for but a moment,
it feels almost as if he could
still reach out a trembling hand
and touch her warmth once more.
Yet, it is an action and gamble
far too great and important to take.
So instead, he settles for whistling
one of her many favourite songs,
as he opens the door
with a still beating heart built for two
but a shopping bag
carrying only enough vittles for one.

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Ted | A Poem by Gareth Culshaw

Popping kindle, wafting smoke,
the blackening log.
Orange glow, lava tinge took me back
to Ted as he coughed, wheezed.

His lungs full of smoke like the chimney.
Rib cage tight, his insides shouting,
like people stuck in a burning building.
What you do in life sits somewhere deep.

In him a volcano of fires he helped create,
spitting out. Bubbly blood in the sink
like water pressed out of a leather football.
Lack of sleep by a grainy cough,

his skin tanned and bark ridged.
Ted poked the coal with a versed hand.
Sitting back, letting the light shine through.
The only light in his life.

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