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Talking in Italics | A Poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

We speak now only in italics
Passing each other throughout
the day a hundred times
The familiarity, the recognition in habit lies
there underneath as it echoes back to us
Our false tender mercies and shared memories
Not so clever distortions
Uncommon grounds
One of these days you will not
come home
And the cycle will begin anew

Visit Tara Lynn at https://www.taralynnhawk.com/.

Tara’s second book of poems, “Rhetorical Wanderlust” coming at the end of November. Her first, “The Dead”, is available on Smashwords.

Long Pause | A Poem by Guy Farmer

There’s a long pause
Followed by a few
Tentative attempts to
Get the conversation
Started, trying to scale
A wall erected by fear.

Devoid of knowledge and
Experience, they wobble
Down an unexplored path,
Each hesitant to take
Another step, a precipice
At every turn.

It ends before it begins,
Where it’s always been,
Laying dormant and untended,
The disease never treated,
Ignored as much as
Important things can be.