Poems and Poetry

Joanne J

Fading… | A Poem by Joanne J.

The solitude that is mine now, is bittersweet.
As the day progresses into evening, imagine the sound of your ring on
my phone.
knowing that if it comes, I am set up for another deception,
another lie,
another empty promise.

At least the silence is safe, I can rest.
Resting in my own space, I will not feel the sting of another
Here I can imagine that you miss me,
that you think fondly of me.
That you wonder what I am doing at this very moment.
That I have some power.

The harsh words that set this in motion, will fall away, as time will
In the space we created by arguing, we have time to rest.
Do you also know that in this rest,
I am allowing my love for you to stay, it is valid…
or slip quietly away, and I will reluctantly begin to move on
Whatever the outcome, I will accept.

Yes, bittersweet, knowing what my heart holds for you,
and the lonliness I will feel at either outcome.
You may show at my door, without a word of apology for me, and I will
take you in.
knowing the futility
You may allow the space to grow,
to see who will fall first to temptation.
You do not know my heart has forbidden it to be me.
If this is the cruel game we will play, so be it.

either way… I lose

Love Relationships | A Poem by Joanne J.

when promises come, and float away, like dandelion fluff in the

when your eyes turn inward to find out why, you ever even tried to

when you remember the time and the place that you felt your heart
and swallowed the lump in your throat.

that is where you try to prepare, for the beginning of the end.

all the while, this foolish, childish heart yearns for the strength to
keep hoping, keep trying,
keep treading further down this dead end road.

Funny, or maybe not… that I laugh and tell others, “run, Forrest
but have not the will to run for myself.

I feel the hot tear on my cheek, as yet another page turns toward the
ending of this love story.

“When will you learn”… the words of well-meaning friends, has been
asked of me all my life.

When it comes to affairs of the heart……. NEVER, seems to be my
constant answer.
If the choice must be made to not love, or to feel passion, love and

I have already chosen.

as another tear slips slowly from my eye. I resolve to ask brain to
make heart sit the next step out.

heart, go sit quietly with your memories, and try not to ache as we
pull us up, and prepare to look at the day with blinders off.

This will hurt a bit.

My Lover | A Poem by Joanne J.

As I open the door, the soft light and rumpled sheets welcome me.
pillows tossed about.
I breathe deep and smile, the traces of fragrance and scented candles
mixed with the lingering scent of lovemaking, bring a soft smile to my
and a certain eerie feeling that you are still there.

That this room is yours.

indeed you are here, in my mind, in my heart, in my nostrils, I feel
you. I smell you.
Over the days, your scent fades…

I must have you again.
I prepare fresh scented sheets and await my lover.

This room that was once where I went to escape the weariness of life,
is now a sanctuary where I keep “US”. A Place where my basic nature is
free to be indulged,
a place to feel passion, be vulnerable, be ME.

As I sink into my bed, I feel you around me,

I know that this place is OURS. I bury my face in the pillows,
searching for more of your scent. This room is now a corner of my life
where I keep something very special.
I protect it from the entire rest of my world.
I smile again, “ours”is a place were love, contentment, rest, passion,
and peace live.

Where and you and I come, to be “US”