Poems and Poetry

Jeanne Fiedler

Long Road | A Poem by Jeanne Fiedler

In tuneful rhetoric
as I watch the
changing wind
I speak to the north,
south, east and west
and follow the path
the direction leads me

Over the scarlet
crimson mountains,
the burnt orange
tree poses and sun
glaring stirs that
wallow in the breeze

The summer ends
We stretched it
out forever and
ever until it
finally stopped and
the seasons grace
us poetically with
glows of sunsets and
luminous leaves,
hurricanes raining
and pushing
until we turn our
case over once
more to the
whistling wind
and the full moons
that bewilder us
into uncertainty

Snowbelt | A Poem by Jeanne Fiedler

The sky sheds its
white fur
a flight of creeping
at one time
separating us from
the world – the whole
prisoners wrapped up
in icy straight jackets
as we look out the
window and sigh

We try to warm
our fragile bodies
but feel helpless
against the earth
and its dangers
closed off and
blacked out
we watch and
hope for a rush
of quiet
amidst the storm

The obscure
piercing wind
sounds angry
out there
turbulent, raging

I close my eyes
to stop the
wings of the wind
and the frozen vapor
feeling overwhelmed
and helpless

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Finding Peace of Mind | A Poem by Jeanne Fiedler

I close my eyes
spaces of technical sound
inside my head
in the speaker phones in the
high technology – – –
no more quiet
JUST Incessant annoying sounds…
Driving Me Crazy
voices almost decipherable
in between reality and technospace
dull aching noise
white particles……
we think it may be real
but it’s fooling us
Technology is Great
but not the white noise in between…
nagging squeaking like someone
scratching a window –
inside children’s heads
inside our heads
HERE is where we need healing
Disasters happening…tragedies
and then,
this stuff bouncing all over us

let it go…please