Poems and Poetry

Isabella Huhn

The Fallen | A Poem by Isabella Huhn

When all had been trampled
Underneath their numb feet,
She fell to the ocean
As a sore piece of meat.
In sinking she found
What no living could find;
Serene balance of sound
Orbs forgiving and round.
The surface, the rot,
She no longer sought,
For here all was less,
An eternal escape from an undying mess.

The Humming of Bees | A Poem by Isabella Huhn

To hear nature’s humming
If only once more,
To remember the dead
The murdered,
It said.
They lost it, we lost it,
Through ignorance, not hate;
We wept when it left,
Yet all called it fate.
Only the girl with the flowers
Cared for the late,
In unknowing regret,
And the sorrow she met,
During wandering hours
She put on the flowers, and remembered through the humming of bees.

Thinking | A Poem by Isabella Huhn

Sometimes I think.
I think of my dreams,
And I dream of my thoughts;
I forget all my worries,
Yet I worry about what I forgot,
I can be strange, and stranger yet;
But aren’t we all, even if only once?
Some people think:
To be strange is to be lonely,
And to be lonely is to be strange
I believe to be alone
Doesn’t always mean to be lonely,
Or to be lonely one does not need to be alone.
My point, you may ask?
Must everything have a point,
Or rather, should anything have a point,
Or does anything have only one point or another,
When at any point we may all come up with some other?

Candy Hearts | A Poem by Isabella Huhn

She scraped out our dusty
Crumpled old innards,
Gave us hearts made of candy
Later ripped out with swords.
She tied up our eyes
To hide us from pain
Then tried to, through lies,
Revise us our eyes.
To see the world through gumdrops;
Sugar-coated misery
Balloons always pop,
Such treacherous beauty.
Sometimes they wonder
Is it pain that’s the foe?
Or the sugar all about her,
Sweet cotton so subtle
It’s a torturous stow
Of death, and lost, blind cuddles.