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inner struggle poems

Four Feet Walking Up | A Poem by Gareth Culshaw

We went a couple of times.
Taking our weight up loose scree.
Our lives had spread and circled
so we brought our tongues together

for another crack. The heaviness
was in your back. I watched you bend
like a golf flag pole in low wind.
You carried so much I never thought

we would reach the top. Both of us
are two of the same breed.
But the walk down is where we differ.
I pick up speed and reach new heights,
you seem to slow, and bring the mountain

with you, as if you’re scared to feel weightless.

Any Different | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Not sure what to do,
Knowing that it could
Be a catalyst for all
Manner of suffering but
Also morbidly curious.
As usual, an inner struggle
Ensues between giving the
Benefit of the doubt,
Believing in redemption, or
Realizing that some things are
Truly better left unexamined.
Even the best intentions often
Do not turn out well
Because they never have before
And nothing has transpired
To make this time any different.