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The Crush | A Poem by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

a girl in my graduating class
had a crush on
our married biology teacher
she was the overachiever
kind, the over-confident
kind, the kind
that runs for class president
and more than often wins
and this crush was
the kind that strangles
virgins in their sleep
the kind that possesses
overachieving virgins
until they commit
to mortifying acts

her need to expose
the crush was such
that she drew his face
and left the signed sketch
in her desk
for him to find,
to find and fall

I don’t know why
she told me, we
weren’t friends,
or why she thought
he would
rummage through
her desk, hers and
hers alone

but I have decided
that a janitor found it
during summer break
and didn’t give it
a second look

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