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inequality poems

Sports Day and Exploitation | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Hip – hip – hurray —
The suppressed hearts must bloom today
as the bloodless lips get back their lost smiles,
Let’s play, the annual village sports day is on today.

Hip – hip – hurray —
The exploitation is on leave and departed
with its ugly blood sucking oppression
and grants a relief to the exploited today.

Hip – hip – hurray —
The blissful minds are absolutely unmindful
to their plough, cattle, sweating, low-wage,
poverty, indebtedness and illness today.

Hip – hip – hurray —
The indigents witness the annual smile
on the face of the landlord fortunately
instead of regular reproof and frowning today.

Hip – hip – hurray —
A rare competition is to be contested
among the feeble who are already
defeated and receded under compulsion today.

Hip – hip – hurray —
an amazement is to be ensued definitely
as the heartless hands are preceded
for the poor’s heartfelt enjoyment today.

No more hurray, that’s all for today
as the village sports day is almost over
and the poor’s are to be refaced the demon-
the exploitation with its oppression from tomorrow.

(A/U)n Educated Wife | A Poem by Naduni

You say I’m enigmatic and weird,
And ask whether I had ever met anybody matching
When my married life is tensed.

I say no but I’m at a loss,
How can I be like somebody else
Or the common people?

How can I think traditionally,
When my mind knows better?
The same applies to being conventional.

How can you expect me to be
Irrational, and compliant
To you when I shouldn’t be?

How can you ask me to be
A traditional wife who bears
Male-dominance silently?

When erudite people like you
Have taught me otherwise
From my childhood?

I’m at a loss…
If not to be used in practical life
What the education is for?