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The Office | A Poem by Stan Morrison

My wall calendar is still set on last May
I have redefined the word disarray
The desk is the final resting place for the unresolved
the past due, the neglected and the uninvolved
the unopened, the marked urgent and never done
a sea of pamphlets, journals and manila envelopes
it’s all waiting patiently to see what develops
I know exactly where everything is that I need
And I can lay my hands on it in lightning speed
so, all you obsessive, organized, neatnik types can go to hell
because when you guys straighten up, NO ONE CAN TELL!

Shirt Not Tucked In | A Poem by G.S. Katz

if I go on the famous TV show
hold me to this
won’t tuck in my shirt, won’t shave
that’s what fame is
doing what you want because you can

if the interview is live
they are in trouble
better have the 7 second delay cocked
the F bomb is loaded and ready

boring doesn’t get good ratings
boring gets you invited back
not going back
this is a one time only
the rest will take care of itself in the tabloids

fame is money and freedom
freedom from the norm
best bet is to be a writer
you get good tables at restaurants
you can still walk down the street
only the chosen know you
and will probably not be morons…