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Muzak | A Poem by Guy Farmer

I call for some help and
Receive a compulsory
Labyrinthine tour through
Rooms I do not wish to visit,
Guided by an artificially polite
Personality promising to
Get me to my destination, and
Culminating with a regrettably
Commonplace, harrowing,
Discouraging push off the cliff
Into limbo. Should I wish to
Ride again, my host will
Cordially welcome me and
Usher me along to continue
Aging with the muzak.

The Office | A Poem by Stan Morrison

My wall calendar is still set on last May
I have redefined the word disarray
The desk is the final resting place for the unresolved
the past due, the neglected and the uninvolved
the unopened, the marked urgent and never done
a sea of pamphlets, journals and manila envelopes
it’s all waiting patiently to see what develops
I know exactly where everything is that I need
And I can lay my hands on it in lightning speed
so, all you obsessive, organized, neatnik types can go to hell
because when you guys straighten up, NO ONE CAN TELL!

Big Day | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Like it or not I’m closing in on a BIG number this weekend
I still feel super young in the brain drain
Yet father time is doing the waltz with my mojo
Even # birthdays work better for me
This one however is odd

No, I’m not giving you the number
This punk is from New York City
My leather jacket might be retired
My cynical side though still intact
Translation : Do the math and pass the snakes

Ain’t drinking from a pint bottle in a paper bag yet
Gotta have something to look forward to
No speeches or homilies please
I can still bust you upside the head
Would rather buy you lunch though, maybe the early bird special

A Poem for Brother David | By Daniel Klawitter

Every morning the same ritual:
He reaches for his glasses,
Puts in his teeth,
And with the aid of his cane
Lurches to his feet—
Shuffling to the bathroom
For the first bladder relief of the day.
Frankly gazing at himself in the mirror,
He still sees a man attractive for his age
But long ago retired.
And not for the first time in 80 plus years
He wishes he had a tattoo that said:
“Some assembly required.”

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