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gratitude poems

Father Coffman | A Poem by Roy Pullam

I was a hitchhiker
Depending on the free ride
To get my education
In a home
Where need
Smothered hope
You become my sponsor
My twelve step program
To break the habit
Of poverty
You, yourself
Recovering from a childhood
Of want
And you were always
With me
Hearing my confessions
Bolstering my confidence
Appreciating the uphill climb
I faced
And I learned
Becoming a sponsor myself
Passing on lessons
My voice
By your example

Soak | A Poem by JD DeHart

We watched the rain-drenched
couple from a safe location
in a dry spot, sipping almond-flavored
coffees at a small shop.

Both of us love the stone work
at this particular haunt, little nooks
and crannies among buildings to explore,
the sound of shoes on cobblestones.

In this moment, we are grateful for
each other, grateful for the chance
to chat about life, and grateful also
for an umbrella and a warm seat.

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