Poems and Poetry

G.S. Katz

New Year’s Resolutions | A Poem by G.S. Katz

I don’t make them
They just become fragile and break
I’ll just continue on
Maybe we’ll meet for whiskey or tea
Or both
Perhaps a meat pie at the pub
I gave up eating red meat mostly
Those meat pies though
I’m never quite sure what kind of meat is in there
Could be tofu dressed up and congealed in mashed potatoes
While we’re at it
No reflection either
We should be like our pets
New day
Food in the bowl
Drink water
Go for walks and take beautiful naps

Big Day | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Like it or not I’m closing in on a BIG number this weekend
I still feel super young in the brain drain
Yet father time is doing the waltz with my mojo
Even # birthdays work better for me
This one however is odd

No, I’m not giving you the number
This punk is from New York City
My leather jacket might be retired
My cynical side though still intact
Translation : Do the math and pass the snakes

Ain’t drinking from a pint bottle in a paper bag yet
Gotta have something to look forward to
No speeches or homilies please
I can still bust you upside the head
Would rather buy you lunch though, maybe the early bird special

Walnuts | A Poem by G.S. Katz

I remember my father sitting at the kitchen table
Cracking open walnuts and eating every morsel
Dad was a good eater, chicken was his favorite
When he got done with half a chicken
It looked like a war had taken place on his plate
Bones gleaned of any meat
A spectacle to watch
We always kidded him about it
The walnuts though I never got
He drank celery tonic too
Another non-starter for this cowboy

I never felt like I knew my dad
He was always a quiet man
Gentle but firm, pragmatic as the day is long
I wanted to know him but I wasn’t allowed in
Four years behind enemy lines during WWII
maybe the cause
After he passed I found out I wasn’t the only one
to feel his silence
He was rarely mad
His favorite expression
“God forbid for worse”
He would say if we kids every complained too much

I gave the eulogy at his funeral
That’s what a son does
I was so honored to be his kid
Despite the distance between us
The love was there, my mom also telling me so

I’ve tried to make peace with walnuts
I eat them now for health reasons
I still don’t really like them
For dad’s sake though I feel him with every bite
I buy them already shelled
Dad had to do the work breaking them open himself
A decorated war veteran
It was like rolling off a log

ATM Life | A Poem by G.S. Katz

New York City
It’s not a Zen zone
It’s a money machine
ATM life
You gotta make a lot of it
Just to stay average
Yet there is a beauty in that
It’s a flesh on flesh town
Intermingling of the masses
Nobody knows who’s got what
The gardeners work on rooftops
My lawn is never brown
Because there is no grass
Everyone smokes pot though
It wafts into your head space
Skunking every corner
I don’t do drugs
I’m trying to give up drinking
Sugar doesn’t make me sweet
Frozen red seedless grapes save the day