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Madness | A Poem by Nitya Muralidharan

Enclosed amidst four walls we dream of mountains
Of running alongside sea lines, sleeping under the clouds
And we run far away far from this chaos and crowd
To clear blue seas and skies, beyond petty things
Beyond hatred and bitterness to love and happiness
And to choose sadness, the kind that makes us want to write and sing
Beyond a world that is obsessed with sanity
Because we all are mad, that’s what keeps us alive
Madness that lets us see mountains beyond walls
Madness that lets us reach out beyond the walls
Beyond reason and logic, to that land where we try to reach
Through liquid and smoke, where our worries are taken away
And blissful happiness surrounds
Where the cloak of adulthood is taken away
And Childhood descends with a twinkle in its eye