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fear poems

Invisibility | A Poem by Danny Faragher

they call them the ‘wee’ hours,
but when enveloped in their dark cover
one breathes the severed solitude of the ‘I’
the bed creaks under my rustle and turn

a dog barks in the neighborhood,
sharp spears of sound pierce the night.
do keen ears detect an intruder?
perhaps he fears invisibility,
dreads disappearing into the inky gloom
and is announcing to the universe
a confirmation of his existence –
‘I bark therefore I am’

I fight the urge to open the window
stick out my head and
join my canine friend in primal cry

Et Alors | A Poem by Stan Morrison

the world’s gonna end tomorrow
Michio Kaku said so on YouTube
researchers with no degrees
repeated the very same words
or maybe it’s sometime in 2035
there’s really no telling for sure
why do we gotta know exactly
got no plans after the NFL game
regardless I’ve planned ahead
got my food water guns ammo
kill anyone knocking at my door
they’re just looking to take stuff
wild dogs feral cats prowling
Michio what should we do
are you sure of your dates
Michio we’re waiting for you
tell us now it’s not too late
Niburu isn’t coming here ever