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And the Day Ends When She Says Her Eyelids Are Heavy | A Poem by Matheus Teixeira


I was the black dot
smudging the river
as the wind hummed
at the frail foot
of a lavender bush –

my mind whirled
black and white –
fragments spread in
a ring of ripples
which blended into
the impetuous pull
of the stream

the crimson trails
snuffed out
beneath my feet
but, the spectral downdraft
rapped on my windowsill –
ominous like
a clairvoyant, whose foreboding
chains the future to
the same deserted roads
and hidden precipices,
where I was swallowed whole


I wanted to embraced it,
so I stepped into
a white cloth of mist –
lungs shrunk
to little orbs –
a bee buzzing
in my chest

the balmy breeze of the meadow
wrapped my soul in slumber
and assembled the quaint
reminiscence of
the night when waves
washed over the moss
and the golden Arch
gently strolled
across your
seaside penumbra –
delicate and pure
like a dewdrop

and after witnessing
such a spectacle
that rendered my heartbeat unsteady
my days, now, end when she says
her eyelids are heavy

Invisibility | A Poem by Danny Faragher

they call them the ‘wee’ hours,
but when enveloped in their dark cover
one breathes the severed solitude of the ‘I’
the bed creaks under my rustle and turn

a dog barks in the neighborhood,
sharp spears of sound pierce the night.
do keen ears detect an intruder?
perhaps he fears invisibility,
dreads disappearing into the inky gloom
and is announcing to the universe
a confirmation of his existence –
‘I bark therefore I am’

I fight the urge to open the window
stick out my head and
join my canine friend in primal cry

Daughters and Them | A Poem by Devika Mathur

Sacrosanct white truths of life leave me jumbled often

My brown mahogany rusty table being shifted to another room,

my constant sheltered pillow being given to the newly born.

I am a ballistic allusion of a ‘yes and a no’,

the concoction of my mother’s truth and father’s pride,

I kiss morning each day with a Delphic sigh, oblivious smiles

for I am a petal of cyan mauvy shadow,

A limerick of fragility and frosty faded nights

My parched lips once again blossom into reds, pinks, nudes

and I shall be planted like a slick sheet of an unturned page of a pale book

Further into your valley of wilderness.

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New Year’s Resolutions | A Poem by G.S. Katz

I don’t make them
They just become fragile and break
I’ll just continue on
Maybe we’ll meet for whiskey or tea
Or both
Perhaps a meat pie at the pub
I gave up eating red meat mostly
Those meat pies though
I’m never quite sure what kind of meat is in there
Could be tofu dressed up and congealed in mashed potatoes
While we’re at it
No reflection either
We should be like our pets
New day
Food in the bowl
Drink water
Go for walks and take beautiful naps

I Am the Sun | A Poem by Zachary Koplan

“I will hang up on you if you keep breathing like that,”
I interrupted you, as you complained that
you can’t stop eating candy for breakfast and salad for dinner.
Other times, I wished that I believed in energy,
or felt sad because I know,
one day, people will look at my brother and say,
“His money makes decisions for him.”
But each dark day, one of my favorite puddles is refilled,
respectable as a new Bible,
waiting for the Sun to start bloodletting.

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