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Heart’s Inventory | A Poem by Roy Pullam

Cards are like wings
Carrying the warm regards
From our heart
To those to whom
Other times
We keep our feelings
In reserve
It is in the Christmas season
That we yield
Allowing the emotions
To find their way
To the surface
Counting on Hallmark
To convey
What we cannot voice
But I balk
With the canned expressions
That do not speak
Of our true feeling
Of your importance
In our life
Of the good times
We shared
Of our wishes
That the future
Would provide more
Second helpings
Of life’s sweetest dessert

Your Breadcrumbs… | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Your Breadcrumbs…
Led me nowhere nice
or pleasant…
but, there Is wisdom in this,
for I never walk down
the same dead end, twice.
Once free of your demented,
inane circles
everything levelled out
quite quickly.
You have to tear off
a strip of flesh
from the walls of your soul
every now and again,
to learn ‘Emotions’
strange and bewildering ways.
‘Humble’ is such a dodgy word,
it reeks too much of ‘Meekness’
and neither one
of these false idols
has nor deserves any place
upon Life’s haphazard road
of day to day education.

Visit Paul at https://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.

Tomb XVII | A Poem by Rafaela Panagou

Wasted feelings never die.
Instead, they thrive upon our grieving
Perhaps, they seek a noble ending
To draw the barest form and meaning.

Unbeknownst to us, these hours,
they choose to escape to violet fields.
Crowned with gray and withered flowers,
they lay like corpses on their shields.

Can you paint their sky once more?
Why did you bring me to this place?
Alas, I have been here before.

This procession past their tomb
echoes of the steps I took
on those paths that smelled of heather,
let me ponder to remember.

Yes, my love, I have recalled.

On this stone as blank as ice,
eulogy of our destined end
the lie you uttered to be nice
Reads handwritten “to a friend”.

A Fine Evening | A Poem by Guy Farmer

A group of well-dressed,
People relax in a
Posh restaurant,
Enjoying drinks and
Waiting for their order.
A light conversation
Rapidly becomes tense
When someone’s feelings
Are hurt which, in turn,
Causes someone else to
Become incensed, which
Leads to someone else crying
While two others argue
In the corner and someone
Else storms out of the room
On such a fine evening.