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dysfunctional relationship poems

Some Distance | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Eventually pulling back,
Putting some distance
Between him and the chaos,
Disorienting cacophony of
Scattered turmoil,
Confused muttering,
Rash reactions to undefined
Challenges, seeing the
Spectacle for what it is,
The disorder of wounds
Unhealed, dictating reaction,
A whirl of activity
Leading nowhere but distress,
Arriving at different points
For disparate reasons.

Broken Vowels | A Poem by Roy Pullam

I hear your story
How you are unhappy
How you married
Far too young
How you have grown apart
I listen
Not fully understanding
How you let
Distance grow
Between you
Why you are
Walking away
My marriage
Merged us
So much
That if I left
I would leave
Some of me
And take
Much of her
With me
You find ease
In breaking vowels
In the stray
Led by temptation
I listen
But I do not hear
What you say
My eyes narrow
As I try
To see your side
Love grows and changes
You never did

Long Pause | A Poem by Guy Farmer

There’s a long pause
Followed by a few
Tentative attempts to
Get the conversation
Started, trying to scale
A wall erected by fear.

Devoid of knowledge and
Experience, they wobble
Down an unexplored path,
Each hesitant to take
Another step, a precipice
At every turn.

It ends before it begins,
Where it’s always been,
Laying dormant and untended,
The disease never treated,
Ignored as much as
Important things can be.