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depression poems

I See The Black Dog Coming | A Poem by Liam Snaith

I see the black dog coming.
Because it woke me up at 3:37 a.m.
Miserable inside
Until I had a bath
And applied for another job
I see the black dog coming
It wants to go for a long walk
And come back alone
But it’s 3:58 a.m.
Miserable outside
And my son is asleep in his nursery
So I’m staying here
I see the black dog coming
I can tell from a mile off
It’s hungry
But I only fed it earlier tonight
There’s a can left for it

A Sinking Bottle (She Explained, Softly) | A Poem by Paul Tristram

I’m all cried out, one minute,
then waterfall full the next.
The Sun still shines…
but, it’s always somewhere else… yonder.
I hate that word ‘Yonder’
for you can walk all day and night,
until your weary, battered feet
blister and bleed
and you are never any closer to it.
I have great self control,
I will not succumb to the traps
of ‘Covetousness’ nor ‘Envy’
but, ‘Yearning’ masters me truly.
The ‘Feeling’ started
like a Pebble being dropped into a Well.
A falling sensation, giddying at first,
then later… quite sickening.
The Well eventually changed,
reformed into a tumultuous Ocean.
The Pebble an uncorked Bottle,
slave to all external currents
and full up to the very brim
with the ‘Thing’ which is forever
dragging and pulling it downwards.

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Known Thus to All | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Known is this to all
that anywhere in need
people in haste may do
things that in result
could bring disaster
to more people, and
for periods never previously
suffered or expected as
when in great need in
despair people move
they do not know if
things they do instantly
are right or not since,
in desperation, when steps
are taken they are steps
well-justified with the period
in mind, and action suited
considered in that mood
that holds ends and not
means are the goals, and
nothing short of the goals
should be accepted even for compromise formulae drawn
as focus on means taking
time could divert eyes from
goals and leave people in
ever-growing misery when
means meaning miseries
shall be the lone accepted
rule raising more questions
and erasing every answer
that, in sanity others, may
offer to make men mean,
means and ends must be
equally held in honour if
lasting gains are due and
not short-term ones must
be touted as urgent.

Realisation | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

They never said why
They thought of me
That way, then and ever
To answer my insults
Hurled at them in disdain,
And distrust of how deep
Into future of distant years
They were, by claims ordained,
To peep with unshaken faith
In what some lines drawn on sand
With the long finger tips could point
To and paint to present a flawless
Flamboyance of fleeting favours,
A fortune in fickleness could find
To forever frown at fiends,
And in fond friendships, to fund
Joys and honeyed pastimes
To keep at bay gloom people
Plotted to put, using powers, all
To drag me away from those
Plans, I dogged to take me
To times of rest when my years
Of work should cease and lead
Me to scintillating charms
Of dreams that beat down
Dark depression of despondent days.

You’re Being a Little Too Positive | A Poem by G.S. Katz

Could you be a bit more negative
Success is only a few steps away from failure
Failure you can count on
It’s the cocoon of despair

Working like a dog is nice
Because you got the big house
But your wife is cheating on you with with the bed bug guy
Your pink golf shirt has a stain you can’t see

Translation: Stay humble
Don’t fall for the hype
All that glitters is fake
Wear more black