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cruelty poems

Melissa | A Poem by Roy Pullam

We danced around
That was killing her
She so thin
Her skin transparent
A cough
That rocked her body
A boyfriend
She loved
His indiscretion
Writing a death sentence
For her
She did not cast blame
Accepting her lot
Living with the shame
A family
Unable to accept
Unable to forgive
Citing the Bible
For the scarlet death
She would surely face
God’s punishment
For women
Who lay
Out of marriage
I hugged her gently
Knowing the frailness
The reed
That was her body
The last time
I would see her
Death at 24
Joining the other four
He so callously infected

Jesse Had a Lisp, You See | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Jesse was a common man
he never made a lot of money
he had a troubled marriage.

His wife left him for another man
he never saw his kids again.

Although he never wrote a book
he read hundreds of them
trying to solve riddles in his life.

But Jesse had a lisp, you see,
and others liked to laugh.

After he died last week
the undertaker poured his ashes
over the edge of an ocean cliff.

He liked to watch eagles dive
and carry away big fish.

Jesse was a common man
as are we whose whole is
greater than our parts.

But Jesse had a lisp, you see,
and others liked to laugh.

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