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Sinister | A Poem by Guy Farmer

It’s shocking enough
That the legislation
Is as heartless and
Awful as it is,
Betraying a complete
Lack of compassion or
Even the most basic
Kindness toward others,
But even more terrifying
Is that this many of them
Support it and would
Gleefully do much worse.
The death of empathy,
Replaced with something
Dark, twisted, sinister.

Safe for a Moment | A Poem by Guy Farmer

Inside him burns a
Fervent urge to go up to
Someone and tell them
What to do.
Unable to look at himself,
He finds ways to
Obnoxiously impose his
Insecurities on others,
Wrapping them in platitudes
About caring for humanity
Or being a moral person,
Obscuring the truth of
His twisted existence,
The need to stand
On someone’s head,
Feel safe for a moment.