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Politics and the English Language | A Poem by Stan Morrison

A life dedicated to public service
is but an impenetrable surfeit
of respectability and fame
of access to public funds
endless supply of bribes
a war chest to re-elect
an elaborate system
of crime cover-ups,
“Some rob you with a six gun
others with a fountain pen.”

The title is that of an essay by George Orwell. The last two lines are from Woody Guthrie.

The First 100 Days: Keeping Promises | A Poem by Stan Morrison

Unlimited return on investments
Unhampered access to markets
Unaccountable for quality or fraud
No recourse for consumers
No class action suits allowed
No environmental barriers
Investment Class is divine
No presidential tax returns
No lists of the WH visitors
Blind trust is what He expects from us
It’s always hard to hit a moving target
We know not what he owns or owes
Generous corporate board members
Serving on several boards at once
No chance for the consumers
There are no profits in ethics
The bottom lines are almighty
Bottomless spending at Trump Towers
At Mar-a-Lago and skiing trips to Aspen
Remember money is no object
With the Trumps as the subject