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critical thinking poems

Rolling Away the Stone | A Poem by Roy Pullam

I gibraltared my opinions
Arming my personal philosophy
With the parochial views
That surrounded my youth
Passed on as a legacy
Of ignorance
Maybe through the wish
To not be different
To not voice the uncertainty
That I grudgingly felt
I accepted the doctrine
Of my religion
Doubt crept in
As I was exposed
To a broader world
Slowly without my notice
Fissures developed
I began to question
To stent
A clogged mind
Allowing reason
The blood of wisdom
To reach my gray matter
First one
Then others eroded
Left no rock
Just the clay
That crumbled
Under my feet
Have the comfort
Of a closed mind
Always knowing
Where they stand
And I have my dilemmas
With seemingly few answers

In Defense of Intellectual Labor | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

It begins innocently enough
With a wondering.
With a however hung
On a what if.

With a maybe
Married to a possibility
Not yet exposed
Or explored.

Sure, there are answers—
Some of them are even

What is deplorable
Is thinking the obvious
Is obvious
Just for existing.

It requires
Some agility—
Some frisky flexibility
To not become distressed

When provoked
By a question
That turns into a quest.

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