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Don’t Bow Down | A Poem by Paul Tristram

No one is above you!
Unless you put them there
or willingly let them
take that crown
right off your own head.
You were born
with every ingredient
to be king of your own day.
sell themselves cheap,
backbones must be earned
not bought.
Let no one put a leash
around your throat…
especially yourself.
Dare to glare
into your own eyes
after each wrong step
you humanly take
along the way.
Learn, adapt, evolve,
focus upon your ‘Nice Side’
instead of battles
necessarily fought.
Have pride unique from arrogance.
You are both
‘The Pauper and the Prince’
of your own amazing soul.
It’s up to you, alone,
which role you will take.

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I | A Poem by Mehar Anaokar

I will not be contained

By walls and roofs and ceilings

My reach extends further than my arms can hold

I will not be held down 

By ropes and weights, nor feelings

My story is one that demands to be told

I will not turn my cheek

Nor raise my hand to strike back

I know that body bruises are easily healed

Nor will I write

In spiteful words to attack

A heart that perhaps might not even feel

I will not lose sight

Of myself, my thoughts, my ways

Revenge, I know, won’t bring me peace

All that I will do

When I’m left betrayed

Is take my time to pick up every piece

I will not allow
Heaven, hell, and all in between

To come in the way of my own happiness

I will write to my heart

Of hurt, pain, love, and dreams

And will rid myself of all the bitterness

I will not stoop low

To stand at level with you

I know what I am and what I can be

I will smile to myself

For I’m glad of this truth—

You are you, but I am me.

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Reincarnations | A Poem by Stan Morrison

I see how fast new passions
finally become old-fashioned
what was once avant-garde
has slipped onto its derriere

songs of peace or protest
are now sung to sell soup
songs of a coming revolution
rehashed on PBS fund drives

change at glacier speed,
“We shall overcome,”
has been self-embalmed

I’ll make my own peace
go at my own pace
write my own song
in my own words
that’s all that’s left.

Tenuous | A Poem by JD DeHart

At skyscraper’ edge
I can see clean to the spot
of sidewalk where I stood
looking up.
Clean back to the place
I was born.
I think of the balance
of the tightrope
walker, adjusting for the
wind. Now, here it is.
I’m tired of walking
on eggshells. Such a worn
out phrase. Like the phrase
worn out. But I perched
on pristine shell a few
years ago. Afraid to speak
and afraid to offend.
This may be tenuous,
but I’m tired of people
pleasing and saying yes.
I’m not going to offend
for a pastime.
Never on purpose.
What I’m talking about
is liberty to be without
straining each word
and thought like a fine
soup, served flaccid
by the time it arrives.