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closing of the mind poems

Two Poems by Tara Lynn Hawk


Recalcitransitory word bubbles
Such a dovecote of lies
And a blight of didactic, dissatisfied thought
Moral originality fades, declines
Providence no longer timeless
My infelicities discarded
I retreat to my true philosophy
Unlimited by my range of perception
Back to particles elemental
I will not join the minds left empty
and vacant of any flowering
Ad infinitum

Untitled #3

There exist
Those who wish to manifest
Everything material from lawless nothing
Creating their own Scylla and Charybdis
I seek the forest as Muse
And smash society’s cement knot of
Aimless materialism

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Permeated | A Poem by Guy Farmer

It’s a sad, troubling moment
When you perceive the closing of
A mind, the point at which you
Realize that you’re not talking
With the same person you once
Knew but one who has become
Permeated by something other
Than what you both used to
Consider so commonplace that
It was never even mentioned.

Formerly Hidden | A Poem by Guy Farmer

It was over when
He started spouting
Jarringly vituperative
Untruths and fabrications
As if they were
Empirical facts.

So strange to think
That there used to be
A bright intellect there,
Furtively usurped by
All-encompassing fear
And absence of love.

A moment when an ordinary
Human being can no longer
Contain the inconsistencies,
Succumbing to
Formerly hidden impulses
With feral abandon.