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ATM Life | A Poem by G.S. Katz

New York City
It’s not a Zen zone
It’s a money machine
ATM life
You gotta make a lot of it
Just to stay average
Yet there is a beauty in that
It’s a flesh on flesh town
Intermingling of the masses
Nobody knows who’s got what
The gardeners work on rooftops
My lawn is never brown
Because there is no grass
Everyone smokes pot though
It wafts into your head space
Skunking every corner
I don’t do drugs
I’m trying to give up drinking
Sugar doesn’t make me sweet
Frozen red seedless grapes save the day

Salvation on the Q Train | A Poem by G.S. Katz

The Q changed my life
2nd Avenue Subway opened in January
86th to Times Square in 9 minutes
86th to Union Square switch for the L
12 minutes to Jefferson Street, Brooklyn
Chopped 35 minutes off that trip

No more psychotic buses
Slow as molasses with drivers who forget to open back doors
You have to drive the bus and open the doors
The back door is where you want us to get off
Open it Jar Head

The Q is religion in this town
It’s secular too
God freaks stay away from the stations
No pamphlet people trying to steal your soul
or your wallet
They know the evil of the Q will get them
They’re afraid the Q might make them Queer
Win Win Boss

Come to NYC
Take the Q everywhere
Don’t give beggars any money
Unless they are missing body parts
Every sob story is bull
The pizza is real here
This has been your urban cowboy
With the scoop