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being different poems

Art-istic | A Poem by JD DeHart

I was the open shirt
and the journal palm,
not a pair of wings,
the recorder of passersby.
They did not know what
to do with me. I strung
together metaphors while
they talked about baseball
cards. While they volleyed
juvenile experiences of lust,
I read the thoughts of
expatriate Parisians, sarcastic
polarizing prophets, and poems
balanced on an image. Popping
in compact discs, I imagined
the world I might one day
engage in, sketched in pencil.

All through Mind | A Poem by JD DeHart

You can start at the memories
Of putting on your dad’s shirts
Pretending to be a detective
Because they were trench coat long

Then you can fast forward
To the pushing and shoving second grade
Boys’ restroom, nestled in the valley

The tractor mailbox on the way to high school
The long pacing telephone conversations
With a girl you never wanted to date

The gradual understanding that you were different
Somehow, not sure really, but just subtle variance.