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My Poetry Is about the Human Condition

My Poetry Is about the Human Condition
My poetry is about the human condition. I love exploring how people think, feel, and behave as well as how they interact with themselves and others. We’re each such a complex blend of impulses that it’s endlessly fascinating to explore how and why we arrive at our destinations.

Since I was a child I’ve been a dedicated observer of how people behave. I’d observe my family, I would watch people at parties my parents had, I’d watch friends and classmates. I was constantly gathering information on what people did and why they might have done it. I’m endlessly fascinated with why people are the way they are and why they do the things they do. Poetry gives me a way to express my fascination with how humans are.

I write poetry because it helps me work on questions I have about myself and others. I love examining the human condition because it’s an endless and diverse canvas. My poems help me figure out who I am and what my place is in the world. What is your poetry about?


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