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Woodland Reflection (Cuckoo) | A Poem by Roy K. Austin

Tempted by the blackberry
in a wild, tangled rift,
treading lightly to avoid
the thorn’s reminder of a gift:

How timely is that visitor
who turns another page,
mellow and plaintive there
measuring my ticking age,
years concertina and in the round
sums up a life-time with a sound;

what draws me here, beckons me to stay
as down into a pool I point away,
the sun’s arc, reflecting what I said
has made my world with neurons in my head,
my image, broken by a fallen cone –
I have a centre that ripples on
and all my seasons begin and end
and ring around this tree, my friend;

the Cuckoo gets much closer now
around this sun-lit glade,
and as the new has filled my mind
it dopplers there to fade….

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