Poems and Poetry

Dopamine | A Poem by Gordie Dnably

Watery damson bulbs and moons,
Birthing hairy excuses or muses.
Forgoing every limit set by mourners.
Perpetuating reform.

Braised lilac orbs and moons,
Yielding excuses or apologies.
Siphoning reaction from laborers.
Boosting oases and stamina.

Devilish… bluish… ovallish… crystal,
Erecting poor lattices for unwary creepers.
Accepting devotion and denying its teeth.
Fostering opuses then gradually melting.
Hindering brawn and conning the lawless.
Providing faux satisfaction,
Stomping complacent outliers,
Sparring with fixed morals,
Propelling thankful users into vats of filtered sap during longed-for interims.
Spanning hours of frenzy and static and gray and fever,
Perpetuating rumors of misuse and blinding clients from its double-dealing.

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