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It’s Divine | A Poem by Robin Wyatt Dunn

it’s divine
headache and muesli
sharp cotton
the smell of the gas processor
and the smiles of the harsh women

manning the snack tables
watching for UFOs
tagging their friends in tweets

as we begin the shakedown
this much for March
your life
this much for eternity
your marled face

each man
wonders at the shape of his horizon
orbiting the whirling dervish
of this millenial prize

horror out of time:
we each know the worth of the other
written over our scarves

the mounting terror of the night
and the light over the mountains
demons under the ground
and the shape of the stars
like the shape of your eyes

we’re marching into the basement
to photograph celebrities

and I’ve seen god
over the cement

one two three
one two three

the 1970s religion
and Shel Silverstein
shake my body into itself.
I stand ready with the water bottles

watching my country collapse

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