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The Last Unanswered Question | A Poem by Roy Pullam

It is not sanitary
The endless loop of memory
The engine running
In the garage
He slumped over the wheel
The exhaust choking
The gray hanging
Like a veil
Between life and death
She killed the engine
Opening the garage
Calling his name
Slapping his face
Her voice husky
The gas burning her throat
Placing her finger
On his neck
Vainly seeking a pulse
Dragging him to the garage floor
Screaming for help
Compressing his chest
Imploring him to come back
To give us
Another chance
Gone, cold, lost
His reason a mystery
No note
No hint of hurt
How she turns it
The twist
She cannot straighten
No answer
The road so long
The few year remaining
As she travels alone

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