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Outside the Perimeter of Your Asking | A Poem by Paul Tristram

I sense the honeycomb of your personality,
golden and beautiful, rich in goodness
yet, worry upon worry
crowding and blocking all of that light.
I can feel the Amber inside you vibrate softly,
you have Healing to give…
but are unable to use it upon yourself.
‘Kindness’ behind the ‘Want’
compassion and passion, full to the brim
and merely waiting to be unstopped.
Your life has a jagged course,
no molehills for you, white-knuckled
and desperate fingertip-ledge clinging.
This must be a Test?
each year you are noticeably evolving,
every breakdown leads to you
knitting back together stronger.
Refusing to succumb to bitterness
or lasting anger…
you keep that radiant glow alive safely inside.
Waiting for that climb through the Mountains
to finally become a meadow walk…
and it is at last, time for you
to butterfly magnificently out of that armour.

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