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Believe in Me… I Do | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Awake to positivity, adrenalin and energy,
yawn everything but optimism away.
There are many winding roads before you
yet, only one is uncluttered
and as straight as an arrow,
it is signposted ‘Determination’
Break your fast upon daring and courage.
Pinpointing objectives, goals
and potential stepping stones before moving
is half the battle won
before the day’s war cry has even begun.
Fine-tune the natural clairvoyancy
of your gut instincts
and use them to chess move precisely your way.
Trust your common-sense
and the invaluable knowledge
learnt the hard way
from past mistakes and falls
and never, ever waiver from their sound advice.
This ‘Day’ will not come around again.
This ‘Stage’ of your ‘Evolution’
is already grinding a-change.
Forgive yourself for absolutely everything,
shine from the very core…
and let nothing or no one stand in your brilliant way.

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