Poems and Poetry

Talking out Loud | A Poem by G.S. Katz

I went off booze for a little while
Clarity was okay
I prefer boozing though
Not like the old days
When getting drunk was a given
This is more of a social thing
Meet a friend for a few beers at happy hour
Seeing more and more geezers like me there
NYC is like London where the pub is holy
I always preferred my whiskey without mixers
Now I’m starting to merge left
Aging thing?
I don’t know
Thinking retirement in 18 months
My brain is soggy from repetition
Articles say get out early if you can
Tough to pull the trigger on income
That’s why there is the booze factor
To dull down the chronic thoughts of despair
A happy hour is just down the road
Pretty girls and writing poems at the bar
Pen and paper
Who does that anymore?
Talking out loud
This cowboy ain’t dead yet
Still got some fences to mend on the north 40
A cold one waiting in the balance

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