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Down-River, Back Past Her Heart | A Poem by Paul Tristram

I sailed my nostalgic boat
of remembrance.
The Springtime colours,
energy and freshness
were dazzling and overwhelming.
I choked, momentarily,
witnessing just how
vital and alive her smile had been.
Summer, was gentle,
a humming, vibrant
beehive of contentment,
warmth and sweet caresses.
The gods above
had temporarily
lost their warring anger.
There were births
both physical and emotional,
the senses had peaked.
A short journey into Fall
and the greying hair had started.
Crow’s feet,
the once thaw now revoked
and a bitter logic to reasoning.
Matters of the heart
had become almost scientific.
The magic and wonderment
that had once abounded
was now easily shrugged off,
untranslatable and replaceable.

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