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I | A Poem by Mehar Anaokar

I will not be contained

By walls and roofs and ceilings

My reach extends further than my arms can hold

I will not be held down 

By ropes and weights, nor feelings

My story is one that demands to be told

I will not turn my cheek

Nor raise my hand to strike back

I know that body bruises are easily healed

Nor will I write

In spiteful words to attack

A heart that perhaps might not even feel

I will not lose sight

Of myself, my thoughts, my ways

Revenge, I know, won’t bring me peace

All that I will do

When I’m left betrayed

Is take my time to pick up every piece

I will not allow
Heaven, hell, and all in between

To come in the way of my own happiness

I will write to my heart

Of hurt, pain, love, and dreams

And will rid myself of all the bitterness

I will not stoop low

To stand at level with you

I know what I am and what I can be

I will smile to myself

For I’m glad of this truth—

You are you, but I am me.

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