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All Good Traction | A Poem by Paul Tristram

As the Past keeps regurgitating itself
to once more become crushed underfoot.
An unescapable cinematic loop
snapping at your forward motion.
You grit your teeth, strengthen your frown,
pull up your collar to face the uncertain future.
The only charts and maps
you have at your disposal
are from the previous mistakes and victories
which you’ve already fought, learnt and processed through.
That Boil of doubt and indecision
needs to be continually lanced and removed.
Fear is not the real Enemy
but a phantom grasping phobia.
The Struggle, is all that we have.
Another hurdle merely shows us
that we are still alive and breathing.
A rainbow never appears until after the storm
and behind it another downpour is already a-brewing.
Your Target is the Journey itself,
Happiness is not a Destination.
But, merely a series of pit stops
sporadically spread out
and to be temporarily enjoyed
before stepping onwards again towards Eternity.

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