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Infinite Illusion | A Poem by Shalini Samuel

A basket swiftly skates on a decorated promenade
Attractive and awesome – akin to glittering Gold
Everyone runs behind, some nonchalantly
Some ardently, the rest anxiously

Flowers and thorns slither through its openings
Though it pricks, the whole world follows to pick
A thorn/flower before it disappears on the slippery aisle
Stuck in a thorn/flower picked long ago

Some men wander forever in the lost lane
In the long run, handing over the baton, men sleep
Running blindly, everyone wants to win the race
But none knows what they are running for
For a blessed life, they dream off – I guess

Oh basket, where are you going, I shout from behind
Men say – “Run, Run, Run or you will be stranded forever
Like a river, the basket never touches the same promenade twice”
Won’t the droplets come back to the same river as rain?
Linear it is because limited is our life and memory
We will meet it again and again in the same promenade

Isn’t it a infinite illusion? Time, you keep running;
Let me stop, walk slowly and enjoy the walk.

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