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Planning My Life | A Poem by Naduni

Sitting on a lonely chair
On a serene afternoon
When the moon is unusually there
Already in the sky
I naturally wondered who am I
What was I doing there?
Looking at an early moon
Offset in a bright sky

I saw myself through others
From their views and criticisms
And yearned to make them see
That it is not as bad as one may see
Then I naturally wondered who I am
Whether I really exist
Why should I plan my future ahead?
When I don’t even really exist

What a foolish thing this life is
We plan a journey we can’t foresee
We take for granted so many things
And wonder where we went wrong
When we fail to make that journey

I withdrew from reading and had a short rest
After all, book learning can’t do much
As you can’t commit suicide
When you know life much
I went back to reading
For you see
I cannot face life and leave my false dream

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