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You Are out of There Now… and the Monsters Are Far behind You | A Poem by Paul Tristram

As far away as early childhood.
The stream by that old oak tree,
a mile or two from the ‘In Between Place’
… you remember but do not miss
and will never live at again.
Like Valentine’s Day flowers
at the very bottom of last week’s bin.
Not ‘Today’s’ hangover… a different one,
already ploughed through and fixed.
The relativity lies in ‘Focus’
… and ‘That’ you can shift and change.
The past is a paddleless canoe of thought
going absolutely nowhere…
all depth and meaning,
lost to fleeting nostalgia…
you will not be circling that pattern again.
There is no retracing living footsteps,
the road ahead is forked and crooked
but, it never, ever takes you back.
You’ve trapped their memories
within the ‘Nightmares’ behind you…
whilst nailing your ‘True Colours’
to the upcoming ‘Sunshine’s Mast’.

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